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Individual Lettering Pieces + Answers

These are the individual lettering work from the collage and the answers in the Liebster Award/Tag, in which I was tagged by Elsa originally from Crafty Hands and Pretty Nails, who is now blogging at Totally Elsa. The individual lettering work along with their explanation and the direct answers to the questions from the tag are included.

01. Where would you like to travel to most?

I have several places I'd like to visit on my bucket list, so there isn't one in particular. Cities are always beautiful, even though I already live within the beautiful glowing city lights in Singapore. The lettering work below shows the only some places I'd like to visit, whether countries or states, for different reasons. Perhaps I'll just explain one of them.

Back in school, I was a Girl Guide, and I just loved being part of the Guiding movement. I've made it a life goal to visit all the 4 World Centers for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. I am fortunate enough to have already been to one of them, but I've yet to check off the other 3 from my bucket list.  As such, two of the locations of the World Centers (Mexico and London) I've yet to visit have been listed in the bucket list below. The World Centers, Our Cabana and Pax Lodge are located in Mexico and London respectively. :)

02. What's your favorite food? 

At risk of sounding like a diet-geek, I've always believed an apple a day does keep the doctor away, so fruits are actually my favourite food. I suppose (though some can be pretty sour), I like the fact that they're both sweet, juicy and healthy. Dragonfruits are definitely one of my favourite fruits too.

03. What's your favorite colour? 

I used to tell people I loved the colour 'rainbow', though clearly, 'rainbow' isn't a specific colour at all. There wasn't any particular colour I liked at that point in time, because I believed every colour made the world a beautiful place. Some people would interpret it as the colour 'white' because there is an interesting scientific explanation where all colours of the rainbow did form the colour white. I do very much like white as well, since white symbolises simplicity, and being minimal is definitely a style I have always hoped to achieve in creating or designing anything.

04. Do you like your first name or would you change it if you could? 

Readers who had read my 'About' page, would have learnt that my name means 'candle' in the Malay language, (which would explain the name of this blog as well). The proper way of pronouncing it is actually 'dee-yun' ie. in phonetic symbols, 'dijĘŚn', instead of the commonly thought 'Diane' or any other pronunciation. I believe that people should always be accepting of who they are, so understanding the meaning of your name and accepting it is probably one of the more convenient methods of self-exploration. Even if I was given an opportunity, I wouldn't change it.

It’s an identity we were born with. Names give us a place in the world. It doesn't matter if we changed it, or kept it or hate it, it’s our first, not only identity, but an identity nonetheless. Let's be grateful for an identity. :)

05. What's your dream pet? (It can be anything) 

Panda bears would make the most adorable pets, not just because of they seem like fluffy, comfy teddy-bear-like soft toys, but they're probably the easiest to take care of since their daily routine is just eating bamboos and sleeping. Koala bears comes in a close second though. :)

06. Do you have siblings and how well do you get along with them? 

I've mentioned in previous guest posts and on my 'About' page that I have a twin sister, who is such an inspiration to me. She's taught me to be me. It's such an understatement to say that siblings do not quarrel at all, I believe every sibling relationship has its challenges but they always end up in good terms regardless the circumstances.

07. What are your favourite blogs? 

This is really a difficult choice to make. Some of the blogs of my favourite blog mates can be found under my Bloglovin 'Saved Posts' collection. As much as there are wonderful design blogs where I get inspiration from in terms of design, these are the blogs in which I have gotten to know the bloggers personally and I am very much entertained by their posts that can be very interesting, amusing and even inspiring. I've saved some of their posts in the Bloglovin collection, and you may check them out if you like. I wouldn't name any of them out of courtesy, but you can probably guess they're also from the first few blogs I've nominated for this award. :)

08. What's your favorite TV series? 

It really depends on what type of TV series the question is referring to. If it were referring to reality TV series, it would be The Amazing Race, hands down. I love traveling to different parts of the world, and watching people travel with their loved ones is really entertaining and exciting.

If this question was referring to fictional TV series, I very much enjoy watching crime dramas and those related to superheroes. One thing in common in these types of television series is the fight for justice, and I admire how the characters are always steadfast in their beliefs. While superhero-related dramas like Marvel's Agent Carter and Daredevil remind us that all superheroes have a weakness, crime dramas like Law and Order: SVU and Criminal Minds assure us of the good that is left in the world. People love to watch justice prevail because they have their own fears and vulnerabilities and by watching these series, we see good triumph evil. Here's a quote from one of my favourite television series, mentioned by one of my favourite characters in Criminal Minds.

09. Talking or texting? 

The analogue form of communication is something I've always treasured, so talking is definitely the answer to this question. Being physically able to listen to someone not only avoid miscommunication, but genuine relationships can be formed as well. We can hear so much through talking, through body language and tone.

This is probably going to sound like a cliche explanation, but I read this article and found it pretty interesting. The article in Time magazine explored this issue and according to the journalist Jeffrey Kluger, part of the appeal of texting in these situations is that it’s less painful - but the pain is the point. An MIT psychologist Sherry Turkle mentions too much texting amounts to a life of 'hiding in plain sight'.

10. What's your worst fear?

I'd very much like to keep this answer to myself for now. :)

11. What's your favorite activity?

Lettering and visiting new places are two activities I definitely look forward to. I do love studying and learning as well, and I'd like to learn new things, more things in fact. I also enjoy writing, However, travelling is definitely an activity I look forward to the most, and I love to visit places I've never been and learn from the journey.


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