I'm Dian. The Happy Candle is a journal documenting my creative adventures and personal journey through reflections and brush lettering quotes.

Things that describe myself include

a learner.
As a curious undergrad, new knowledge can never be more intriguing.  While I attempt to fill up my leisure time and spill out what's left of my creative juices, learning from practice also becomes a fulfilling hobby. Being self-taught, I've never had any experience in lettering or illustrations, but I'm keen to learn more. I am very aware it's not the best, but I'd like to explore this interest. So many things to learn in so little time. :)

a professional impersonator of my sister
Being a twin is a blessing, so some of the topics here are dedicated to the perks of being born as a multiple and tales of our relationship. She occasionally writes guest posts as a contributor to The Happy Candle, and as a passionate writer, she also puts up her work on Medium. :)

Lovely things to do, rain or shine

In primary school, I was blessed to be able to publish a book categorised under juvenile fiction, and from there, the romance behind putting pen to paper began. I'm definitely not the best, I'm still learning and look up to those people who put much sophistication and express themselves beautifully in words.

I'm very privileged to have had the opportunity to visit so many places in my lifetime, and I can't wait to go for more adventures. I'm also planning to pick up geocaching - it seems to be the best treasure hunt game yet.

other hobbies
When not lettering or writing, I'm also a fan of crime shows and the television series, The Amazing Race.

Being elusive

I don't mind being 'tagged' or nominated for 'awards', I really appreciate them, but I'm a little reluctant to complete them. I'd prefer to be a little like a mystery, not the one that teases and leads people on, but one that isn't so open and vulnerable with private things. Someone whose motives are pure and obvious, but everything-else is something to discover.


I named this blog as such because of the amazing person who taught me to be me, my twin sister. Her name means 'happiness' in Arabic while my name means 'candle' in Malay (it's also meant to represent light or 'cahaya'.) She made me believe it's always us against the world, so together, we became The Happy Candle.


  1. Hi Dian! Thanks for swinging by on my blog ^^
    I just completed my A Levels this year- best of luck on your December-June hiatus!

    1. Hi Catalina (Kanra)! Thanks, and good luck in med school! :)

  2. Wow..you're so humble :)
    We have hiatus from March to August for result it can be seriously boring!You make plans you'll do this you'll do that but end up watching movies and TV shows everyday D:
    I remember how awful it was,worst thing was I had no internet connection for a couple of days during that time D:
    We don't get that long break between semesters in college,I wish we did :/ :P

    1. Yeah, we have to make full use of our time in the hiatus. You're right about watching TV shows and movies too - such a lazy source of entertainment. :)

  3. This is awesome! Can't wait to read more from you in the future!You have an awesome blog!

    ~Racic || Washed by the Water

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Racic. :)

  4. Hi Dian!
    Thank you for your comment - I was so exited to see you're Singaporean!! I love everything that's related with Singapore.
    Your blog is beautiful and I love your design. I think it's amazing you're an autodidact, people who are teaching themselves are incredibly inspiring! I love your work I've seen so far and I'll take my time to look around your blog.
    Enjoy your free weeks before uni starts and thanks again for stopping by my blog!
    Best regards from Uruguay,

    1. Thank you so much, Monika! Really appreciate your encouraging comment. :) It's great to know that you love everything that's related to Singapore. Love your blog and travel posts, they're wonderful! Thank you so much again for dropping by. :)

    2. haha yeah, I miss my 'home' and am always happy when I come across something or someone who has a connection to it :) thank you for your kind words, I'm happy you stumbled upon my blog! :) good luck with your future projects! :)

    3. Thank you, Monika, and all the best to you as well! :)

  5. ah this sounds so lovely! just discovered your blog, your lettering and photography is gorgeous, and what lovely names! I adore arabic, (my own name is) there are such stories behind the language, happy blogging

    safah | oh, how i wander.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Safah! Your name sounds beautiful too, happy blogging to you as well! :)