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The Millennials Project

The Millennials Project is an initiative by several Wattpad users that aims to inspire a generation of youth, in hopes of spreading awareness of the struggles of humanity in the world today and catalysing what we can do to help.

I was approached by an acquaintance to brand the project and provide with an infographic of instructions on how to participate in it, as well as design a book cover for the work that followed the project.

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SMU MS Mawlid 2016

In January 2016, SMU Muslim Society organised a Maulidur Rasul event entitled, Shades of Love: Humanity and The Last Prophet, to commemorate Allah's gift for mankind, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. This year's Mawlid features Qasidah Recitation (Arabic poem) by Soutun Nur followed by a talk by Ustaz Fizar Zainal.

As a Marketing Deputy of SMU MS, I was assigned the task of designing the EDM and poster for event marketing purposes.

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