Friday 31 July 2015

Completed Project: Lynde Avenue

Uncertainty may intimidate some, but if embraced, it gives more room to trust and have faith. We can never anticipate how things will turn out while working with someone new. Admittedly, there were moments in various projects where I didn't give credence to my own work and refused to believe they were good enough, but we certainly have to learn to trust the process and keep the faith.

Some time ago, Emily from Lynde Avenue had approached me to help create a new header and style for her blog after she saw the project I worked on with Sophie from Sophie Smith. She wanted to give her blog a more creative boost and mentioned that a fresh design would be very helpful for her.

Lynde Avenue is a blog about wellness, beauty and lifestyle, where Emily shares advice about keeping healthy, tips and tricks on wellness and beauty, and occasionally some blogging and lifestyle tips as well. The posts on the blog are always concise, to the point and summarises things in a nutshell. I especially enjoy reading posts on wellness and health. They are certainly beneficial to keep ourselves in the pink of health and in good shape. Emily also has pretty impressive coding skills and has designed blogs before, so her blogging tips are helpful too. If you enjoy reading about beauty and fashion, the blog also shares information and tips about those topics, so feel free to check them out. :)

Emily was very forthcoming with her ideas and she was also open to what we both had in mind. She had an idea of the colour palette she loved - purple, pink and a pale shade of blue. She also loved a minimal, elegant and feminine style. Here's a moodboard that inspired the project.

(Clockwise from top-left) Orlando Florida Wedding (Photo by Amalie Orrange Photography) / Brush Stroke + Lettering + Heart by myself / Classic & Elegant Russian Wedding (Photo by Sonya Khegay) /  Zila Lila Nest Bean Bag / Figs & Gold Wedding Inspiration (Photo by Onelove Photography

We explored the purple, pink and neutral colour palette, leaving the complementary colours for some accents, and because Emily loved the idea of minimal, clean sans serif fonts, I also managed to implement them into the headers by lettering and drawing them out. All the headers were hand lettered, and most header options also included a watercolour pink heart, to accentuate the minimal style Emily was fond of.

We also discussed about different design elements that would be really unique to her blog. Since coding is also something Emily enjoyed doing, it would be very special to include this interest into the blog style as well. The additional illustrations include a running shoe and a jump rope to depict wellness, which is one of the main topics discussed on the blog. These illustrations were hand drawn to give the design a more authentic style too.

This is still, one of my first few attempts at creating a moodboard, and I am very aware that it's not the best, so I'll gladly welcome any criticisms and comments. I'd love to hear any suggestions and improvements that we can all learn from together.

This project was pretty enjoyable to work on, as with all other projects are, because each one of them undoubtedly possess a certain form of uniqueness and specialty. :) Furthermore, it's always an eye-opening experience to be able to work with someone from another part of the world. I had such a wonderful time working with Emily who was always so courteous and kind. She was extremely gracious and polite with suggestions and this certainly made the project easy to work on. It could never have been possible with her ideas as well, so I really appreciate that. :)

Finally, collaborations are perhaps one of the most interesting type of projects to work on because working with new people undeniably has unexpected paths and turns, but eventually, the results produced are relatively pleasant and satisfying. Apart from successfully completing the project together, genuine partnerships are formed as well. :) They also provide the much needed affirmation for both parties, and allow us to just believe in ourselves, a little more.

Until next time ♥

Lettering + Design elements by me, Photos as stated in links

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  1. Dian, you are getting better and better... I just love how you're growing as an artist. Bu the time I am ready for a new header, I won't be able to afford you.♡

    I love my header but it's always good to freshen it up from time to time.♡

    Have a lovely weekend xox

    1. Really appreciate all your encouraging comments, Launna, you're so sweet. :) Thank you so much! Have a lovely weekend too. :)

  2. Your work is AMAZING!!!! I love it x

  3. I love your talent, Dian! Beautiful! :)

  4. I love your talent, Dian! Beautiful! :)

    1. Thank you, these repeated comments can occur sometimes, haha. ;)

  5. Oh gosh I love this so much, your collaborations are always so beautiful and your lettering is STUNNING.

    1. Thank you so much, Hawwa! Appreciate your kind comment. :)

  6. DIAN YOU ARE AMAZING. end of story.

    like seriously girl, you got talent. major talent. i'm always awed by your designing. like i've been a follower of emily's for a while, and when i saw her new design i'm like, "ohmyword. hold everything." and then i scrolled down and saw the copyright and i'm like, wait a minute, i know that name. YOU! haha, anyways, great job :)

    - autumn

    1. Thank you so much, Autumn! :) It wouldn't have been possible without Emily either. Really appreciate your very kind and generous comment, thank you! :)