Friday, 15 May 2015

Crossroads (Guest Post)

This is a guest post written by Kathie from A Sea Change. Kathie had proposed to write a guest post and we decided to write guest posts on our respective blogs based on the theme of inspiring messages. Kathie will explore the ways to make decisions in difficult situations. Coming to a proper resolution has always been something that resonated with everyone, and in this post, Kathie will share her insights in decision-making and her experience in making tough choices. In exchange, I've written a post on A Sea Change, and you may check out my post on Kathie’s blog about befriending self-doubts, utilising fears and gaining self-esteem.


There are so many times that we come to a point when we say or feel that ‘we are at a crossroad.’ Basically it means we are stuck between taking a decision when we have so many options to choose from. When we are at this point we feel scared, afraid, stressed out and perplexed because the choice you make at this point can determine your future course.

Decisions made could either be big or small but it could have an impact on you for the rest of your life. For example, choosing which course you’re planning to do. Most of us contemplate when we are required to choose a course for college, whether we want to go into arts, science or commerce. I had to make my choice too and I chose commerce and it has turned out to be great so far. I enjoy and love what I’m doing.

This though is just a small example of what it’s like to be at a crossroad.

When one is at a crossroad it is important for them to keep in mind that it is not necessary to do what everyone else is doing. You don’t have to choose the way that everybody else does. It could be that a road which is travelled frequently by everyone can work for you and it could also be that it does not. Just because that particular road works for them doesn’t mean it will work for you. It’s okay if you want to do something different and it’s okay if it isn’t what everyone else wants you to do. Whatever you opt for it should make you feel happy and content. Yes, the road whichever you desire to pick might be rocky, there might be hardships, you might have to put in a lot of effort and struggle but ultimately it’s worth it. Want to know why? Because even if it didn't fetch you what you wanted it to, at least it taught you something. You know the mistakes you committed, you know what went wrong and it is these faults that you could work on again. Don’t take it as defeat though, let it strengthen you and make you stronger so that you can face it the next time.

Coming to a crossroad means that there have been so many events that lead to this point. When you are taking a decision it’s better to keep in mind why and how you got here, what occurrences have lead you to this place, who you want to be and where do you want to go, what blunders have you done previously and what are your strong points. You could also take the advice and help of loved ones at a time of indecision. A lot of people when they reach this end tend to give up if they can’t take the pressure. If you do feel so at this juncture, then remember why you started in the first place. It could help you get through the hard time with much more ease.

Ultimately the worst thing that could happen is not taking a decision and traversing into an unknown area but it is not taking a decision at all and remaining in the same place while you watch everyone else move ahead of you.


I’m Kathie and I blog over at A Sea Change. I’m a 19-year-old student in college pursuing Business Administration. I love to spend time with my family which includes two dogs, read, write, and once in awhile do something extremely creative. I also am a HUGE lover of tea. I hope to travel the world someday and as clich├ęd as it might sound, it is true. My blog is basically where I express my thoughts and views on certain matters. I try to make it as interesting as possible and I write in the hope that maybe I could just inspire a few people out there. Come on over and look around. Hopefully you’ll find something that you like and can maybe connect with!

This is the first time I'm working with another blogger for an exchange guest post, and I had some initial reservations, but I'd like to give my appreciation and thanks to Kathie for writing this post and her amazing cooperation. I hope readers learn something and have something to take away from this at the end of it as well. 

Until next time ♥ 

Introductory photo by me, Photos in guest post courtesy of Kathie from A Sea Change

+ You may check out my post on Kathie’s blog about befriending self-doubts, utilising fears and gaining self-esteem.


  1. So true. This guest post wasssss amaaazzzinnggg. <3 Great jobs, Kathie and Dian! :-D

  2. All I'm gonna say is I like this post and I like both the blogs involved in it :D

  3. Thank you for this post. Next year I finish high school and I have to choose what I want to do and it can be stressful.
    And thanks Dian for making me discover Kathie's blog!

    1. Thank you for reading the post!
      I hope that whatever you choose is what you want to do and makes you happy :D

  4. Kathie, I'm impressed with your marturity at such a young age... this lesson/thought usually takes some people a lifetime to learn. So articulate xox

    1. Still a lot more to know and learn :)
      Thank you so much ♥

  5. Whatever we choose we go on living, that's important to remember.


  6. I enjoyed reading this :) in making decisions in times like this, I always choose what makes me happy and what is right.